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12 December 2019

European webshop owners may soon bid their payment concerns farewell. A new partnership between two of the most innovative players in the European payment industry will ensure a smooth and streamlined payment process when selling goods online.

Clearhaus and

The payment institution Clearhaus and hosting company today announce a pioneering partnership that will help’s thousands of webshops fully automate their payment processes. The solution comes after several years of slow payment solutions and brings delight among’s customers.

Picture of Frank Bengtsson
Frank Bengtsson
CEO, Nettopower

“In the past, payment solutions have been expensive and time consuming. But Clearhaus offers a much smoother process. Their technology simply allows the money to enter my account faster. And it’s just more fun to work with the innovative boy on the block than the older gentleman about to fall asleep. We really need to see something special if we are to change our payment systems. But Clearhaus is built in such a user-friendly way that makes me sleep better at night. That is worth the shift for me as a business owner, ” says Frank Bengtsson.

Getting rid of manual tasks, which is present in 10 European markets, is a European heavyweight in website hosting. With the new partnership,’s European customers will now be able to switch to Clearhaus’ payment solution.

Clearhaus’ technology ensures better support, fast integration and one of the most well-developed dashboards on the market, providing overview of the payment process and quick problem-solving. The technology is user-friendly and fully automated. Completely in line with Clearhaus’s high-tech reputation.

Picture of Anders Eiler
Anders Eiler

“The partnership makes it easy and quick to start accepting the payments. The integration is seamless, and thanks to Clearhaus’ technology-driven approach to their products, we are able to automate a large number of tasks and eliminate almost all manual tasks on a daily basis,” says Anders Eiler, Sales Director at

Partnerships provide innovative solutions

There are many different elements in a webshop - everything from building and hosting to storage and payment systems.’s hosting platforms make it easy to handle all of these elements in one unified solution. The new integration with Clearhaus’ acquiring service, combined with an OnPay gateway solution, means that it will be significantly easier to receive online payments according to Clearhaus CEO Claus Methmann Christensen.

Picture of Claus M. Christensen
Claus M. Christensen
CEO, Clearhaus

“We share the same customer base as, which is why integration makes perfect sense. Now we can offer online stores a unified solution where the integration between webshop systems and payment solutions is even better than what they used to be,” he says.

According to Claus Methmann Christensen, the partnership with ensures that the payment industry continues to innovate. Partnerships like these are thus beneficial to many European online retailers, which can now handle their payments much easier.

“Partnerships and integrations drive the payments industry forward and bring better technologies to the market. We work with over 30 payment systems across Europe and will continue to create new alliances in the coming years,” says Claus Methmann Christensen.


Anders Holmgaard, Communications Manager at Clearhaus, tel.: 60704967, mail:


Clearhaus is a payment institution and European licensed acquirer, serving more than 10,000 web shop owners in 33 countries with simple and secure solutions at competitive prices. By using Clearhaus, webshop owners can accept payments from Visa, MasterCard and Apple Pay in 1-3 days. Clearhaus offers one of the industry’s best support departments and access to all transaction data and has in a short time gained market share in the acquiring space. As a pioneer in payment technology, Clearhaus was the first in Denmark to offer Apple Pay and Google Pay as payment methods to web shop owners. Clearhaus continues to add innovative features that make payment more smooth and effortless.

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