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Report on payment service and money laundering inspection in Clearhaus A/S

7 May 2021

In November 2018, the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority inspected Clearhaus and in May 2021 submitted a final inspection report. The report contains orders in the area of risk management and anti-money laundering. Clearhaus takes note of the orders, noting that they are an expression of the Danish FSA’s continued development of best practice in the area and do not concern the basic elements of our anti-money laundering work. We had already complied with some of the orders when we received them and we will be able to comply with the remaining orders within the time limits set by the Authority.

Director and co-founder, Claus Christensen, states on the occasion of the report: “It is a joint fight against money-laundering and we are working hard but successful in this field. A cornerstone of our success in this area is our excellent team, which monitors transactions for combating money laundering closely. We really appreciate the efforts of the FSA in this joint fight. At the same time we are glad that the FSA has only a few orders for us dealing with the complex rules for money laundering. I would like to say thank you to our employees who work with risk management and anti-money laundering in Clearhaus on a daily routine.“

An English version (translated by Clearhaus) of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority’s report can be found here.

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