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Fintech pioneers awarded for ecosystem engagement

April 2022

Founders of Danish fintech Clearhaus were awarded the new Ecosystem Hero award at an entrepreneur town hall in Aarhus.

Clearhaus was acknowledged for a long-time investment in partnerships, start-ups and - most recently - for creating a hub for the local tech community.

More than ten years ago, Clearhaus became one of the first movers in fintech in Denmark, with a vision of making it easier for shoppers to receive Visa and Mastercard-payment. Today shoppers can sign-up and receive payments practically instantly.

On the journey, Clearhaus has been highly aware of the value of trustworthy partners, and today more than 30 companies all over Europe have partnered up with Clearhaus. Over the years, Clearhaus has been rooted in Aarhus, and the fintech company has many bonds with other entrepreneurs and start-ups as investors, advisors and partners in the local area.

The engagement in local start-ups was acknowledged at a town hall for entrepreneurs, as Clearhaus-founders - Claus Methmann Christensen, Søren Soltveit and Morten Soltveit were awarded the Ecosystem Hero Award.

Instrumental in ecosystem

In the motivation for the award, it was emphasized that Clearhaus has been instrumental in building the ecosystem of fintech in Aarhus by investing smartly in many of the most promising new rising fintech companies, and by building a hub to grow the fintech community in the local area. The founders have invested so much of themself in the fintech ecosystem in Aarhus.

The award was handed over to the founders of Clearhaus by the mayor of Aarhus Municipality, Jacob Bundsgaard.

“This award is as much the start up-community and the online merchant’s award as our award, as many of you out there are our customers. Thanks for joining us on the journey. Without you, we could not have grown our business and made an exit,” said co-founder and CEO of Clearhaus, Claus Methmann Christensen, referring to the fact that Clearhaus in 2021 was acquired by German fintech Unzer and the US private equity company KKR to realize the ambition to grow the business further in Europe.

Investment in local fintech hub

The Clearhaus-founders now have ambitions to support the growth of the next generation of the fintech industry in this area.

Most recently, Clearhaus-founders refurbished an 8000 m2 office building in Aarhus to create a hub to facilitate the local fintech community.

The fintech hub - known as POP2 - is currently housing companies such as Clearhaus and Quickpay and start-ups such as Vibrant and Anyday.

About Clearhaus

Clearhaus is an acquiring company founded in 2011, that specializes in offering payment solutions to webshops across Europe with a technology-driven and customer-centric approach.
From the start, Clearhaus’ goal was to succeed in and change the world of online payments. Now Clearhaus has +100 hard-working employees and +30 international partners.

About Ecosystem Hero Award

The Ecosystem Hero Award is founded by The Link.
The Link is a non-profit organization aiming to build a world-class ecosystem for startups in Aarhus.

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