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Visa Direct

Clearhaus enables your online shop to instantly transfer payments to your customers, employees, contractors or vendors directly to their Visa credit or debit cards. Instead of using slow, traditional bank transfers.

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How does it work?

By taking recipient banks and correspondent banks out of the transaction flow, Visa Direct transfers money faster to the recipient. It also makes it cheaper, as it eliminates fees associated with interbank payments. Other benefits include:

  • Near real-time transfers: Transfers happen in less than 30 minutes vs. up to 5 days with traditional wire transfers.
  • Global scale: Transfer to billions of cardholders globally.
  • Pricing: Often much cheaper than traditional alternatives.
  • Improved user experience: Eliminates the need to capture account details, because the card on file can be used.
  • Global reach: Settle in all currencies, without charging foreign exchange tariffs to the recipient.

Why do I need Visa Direct?

Consumers are more likely to work with businesses that offer fast payments. Thus, Visa Direct can add immediate benefits to any business. The feature is especially relevant for businesses in need of transferring money quickly and cheaply. A few examples include:

  • PSPs can use Visa Direct for merchant settlements.
  • Insurance companies can use Visa Direct for payouts to insurance claims.
  • Online lending firms can use Visa Direct for funding of loan proceeds to borrowers.
  • Investment firms can use Visa Direct for paying dividends to customers.
  • Marketplaces can use Visa Direct to send money to sellers.
  • Gig economy firms can use Visa Direct to pay temporary workers or freelancers.

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