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As a Clearhaus customer, you have the opportunity to accept MobilePay Business in your online shop. More than 67% of the Danish population use MobilePay, so if you do business in Denmark we highly recommend you offering this payment method.

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How does it work?

If consumers wish to pay with MobilePay, they need to register their payment card(s) in the MobilePay app. Once this is done, they will be able to pay with MobilePay in apps, online shops, and POS.

When choosing MobilePay as payment method in an app or online shop, the customer will be asked to enter his phone number in order to be redirected to the MobilePay app. Here, he needs to sign in with his pin-code and then confirm the payment with a swipe. He will then be directed back to the online shop for an order confirmation.

When you enable this payment method, MobilePay will be shown along with the other payments methods you offer, for example Apple Pay or card payments. The payment method will be set up by your gateway - you don’t have to worry about any practicalities.


Why should I offer checkout with MobilePay?

MobilePay is an easy, fast and hassle-free payment method. Customers won’t have to enter long card numbers and they don’t need to fetch their wallet to complete the purchase - they only need their phone, which is mostly right by their side.

As a result, offering MobilePay may increase your conversion rate.

Do you want MobilePay in your online shop?

In order to accept payments from MobilePay, you need both an acquirer and a payment gateway that support the mobile payment method. If you want MobilePay enabled in your online shop, all you need to do is contacting your payment gateway and they will activate it for you.

Some of the gateways we collaborate with support MobilePay - give your gateway a call to figure out if they can enable you to accept MobilePay.

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