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Automated chargeback management

As a customer at Clearhaus, you can use our API to automate the handling of chargebacks - also called disputes.

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How does it work?

Clearhaus receives information on chargebacks every night and makes it available in the API. As a result, the API always gives you the complete overview of your ongoing disputes. You can accept, refute, or review your disputes in the API.

In the API, you will find details about your chargebacks (dates, amounts, categories, reasons, etc.), as well as related transactions, associated documents, and comments. There are two types of documents. Those provided by the cardholder’s bank to explain the reasons for the chargeback and those provided by you to substantiate your refute.

The API collects all the information related to each chargeback in one place, making it easier for you to respond to the chargebacks - always keeping you updated on the current status of a chargeback.


Note that our API contains other features as well, for example, automatic account reconciliation. We are continuously working on improving our API and adding new features to benefit our customers.

Why should I automate my chargeback management?

Automating your chargeback management will save you time and resources, as you won’t need to use man-hours on manually pulling all the documents and data for the chargeback.

When the process is handled manually, relevant documents can easily be overlooked or simply forgotten. Automating this process will remove human errors.

With the overview that the API provides, collecting and providing all the relevant data and documentation on the case at hand will be much easier. This will increase your chances of winning the chargeback.

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Do you want Automated Chargeback Management in your online shop?

In order to integrate our API into your system, you will need a developer or someone with similar skills, who can do the integration for you.

If you are interested in trying out our API, please refer to: on how to request access.

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