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Clearhaus supports Apple Pay

Accept frictionless payments with Apple Pay - one of the fastest checkouts in the market today.

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49% use iOS

Almost half the consumers in the UK use iOS devices.

15 billion transactions

Apple expects Apple Pay to process 15 billion transactions in 2020.

15-20% higher conversion rate

Online shops experience less cart-abandonment.

Frictionless: Eliminates the need to manually type in card and shipping details every time a customer makes a purchase.

One-click: Apple Pay is a one-click payment method that offers merchants higher conversion rates and lower cart-abandonment rates.

Secure: By combining biometric identification (fingerprint or FaceID) and encryption to confirm payments, Apple Pay ensures a secure checkout flow.

All markets: We will continue to roll out support for Apple Pay in new European markets as they are announced.

How do I get it?

You need both an acquirer and a payment gateway that supports Apple Pay to offer the payment method in your online shop.


Get in touch

Fill out the form below and we’ll inform your gateway to send you the setup details for getting Apple Pay.

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How does it work?

From a customer’s perspective, this is how to use Apple Pay:

  1. First, the consumer registers a payment card in the wallet app.

  2. Then, a token is created and encrypted. It stores the necessary information needed to make purchases in the future.

  3. When the consumer chooses Apple Pay as his payment method, an Apple Pay checkout window will pop up.

  4. The consumer checks that the amount is correct and completes the purchase by placing his finger on the touch-ID or by using facial recognition.

Apple Pay can be used at POS, in apps, and in online shops. Apple Pay is available on all newer iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Macs with a touch panel.

Benefits of offering Apple Pay as a payment method

Faster checkout process:

Customers no longer need to type in long card numbers, expiry dates, security codes, and addresses. The payment is completed with a single click. Since customers love a fast and convenient checkout, chances are that your conversion rates will increase as a result of offering Apple Pay as a payment method in your online store.

Easy to use and implement:

After the card has been registered in the wallet, all the customer needs to do to complete a purchase is placing his finger on the Touch ID or use FaceID on his Apple device. Setting it up in your shop is easy. Simply contact your payment gateway (if they support Apple Pay), and they will set up the payment method in your shop.

More secure – for you and your customer:

Apple Pay is among the most secure online payment methods today. When the customer’s card is registered in their wallet, a token is created and then encrypted. The token is saved on the device – not in the cloud or on a server. Biometric identification is the only way to access the token, meaning that only the rightful owner can use the card.

Global reach with global payments:

Apple Pay is available to consumers all over the world. Apple continuously rolls out their wallet in new countries, and at the same time, we’re seeing increased uptake among banks across the globe. This means that you can reach more customers from all over the world, helping you expand your business.

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