A technology-driven acquirer

  • 3-D Secure - safe paymentsFlexible Funding CyclesDynamic Descriptor+3 More

    Our offer of acquiring features includes: conditional 3-D Secure, flexible funding cycles, support for recurring transactions, and more.

  • Automatic Account ReconciliationAutomated Chargeback Management

    Technology makes the difference. That’s why we have developed an API for automated chargeback management and account reconciliation .

Automatic Account ReconciliationBetaNew

Automated account reconciliation

Minimize the number of manual reconciliations and postings - use our modern API to automate the reconciliation of your settlement account.

Automated Chargeback ManagementBetaNew

Automated chargeback management

The handling of disputes and chargebacks can be automated by using our API. Let your e-Commerce system/ERP pick up and answer the chargebacks automatically.

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