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What sets us apart?

We understand payments and technology

While we care about conversion rates and good user experiences.

Quick and efficient

Clearhaus is built on technology and cool features.

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  • Automate chargeback management (Beta)

    Handling of disputes and chargebacks can be automated by using our API. Let your ecommerce system/ERP pick up and answer the chargebacks automatically.

  • Automatic account reconciliation (Beta)

    Minimize the number of manual reconciliations and postings - use our modern APIs to automate the reconciliation of your settlement account.

  • Apple Pay & Samsung Pay (Beta)

    Let customers pay without having to enter card information, address and telephone number. Note: Invite-only beta.

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments have never been easier.

At Clearhaus we're constantly working on offering new products to our costumers

With an agreement at Clearhaus you're able to run different mobile transactions eg. Danske Bank MobilePay transactions. You simply have to enable it in your payment gateway to get started.

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Follow your transactions

Sleek dashboard

View everything simple and consolidated in near real-time. Our dashboard gives you an overview of your payments and all transactions. Access your information from any device.

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