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Year in Review: 2018

2018 has come to an end. We’re starting the new year by looking back and appreciating everything we’ve achieved in the past year.

Here’s a short overview of some of our 2018 highlights:

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is spreading like a wildfire and the digital wallet is becoming available in an ever-increasing amount of countries.

We have developed an integration to the mobile payment method, enabling our customers to accept online payments with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is a very secure digital wallet that lets users pay by placing their finger on the fingerprint scanner or by scanning their face with Apple’s Face ID. It is currently available in the following European countries:

Learn more about Apple Pay in our video:

Contact your gateway to learn how you get Apple Pay in your online store.

We’re growing

2018 has been a busy year, and our sales and marketing department has been working hard to onboard our 8,000th online shop and to grow our business in new markets.

To keep up with the increased workload, we’ve hired 13 more employees this year, bringing the Clearhaus family to a total of 50 hardworking employees.

Our tech-team is also working hard to automate processes - not only to give our customers a better user experience but also to free up time for our support team so that they have more time to cater to the needs of our customers.

New and improved website

We always work hard to improve on every single parameter. This year, we decided to redesign and fine-tune our website to ensure easy navigation and a pleasant layout.

We also improved our Helpdesk. It’s now enriched with more information and frequently asked questions and has a more intuitive navigation! If there’s still something you can’t find the answer to, you’re more than welcome to contact our support team!

We also added a page for each of our features. Here, you can learn much more about how Clearhaus can help you save time and money, as well as how you can modernise your online shop. These articles will also help you understand how to implement these features in your shop.

Some of our most popular features include 3-D Secure, Fraud Detection, and Automatic Account Reconciliation.

Our first e-books

This year, we’ve sent out our very first e-book about EU’s new payment directive, PSD2. It was created with the sole purpose of helping online merchants navigate the new and complex rules.

It was such a success that we chose to do another one. This time, our focus was on Black Friday and how to make the most of the day.

We hope to make even more e-books in the new year. If there are any topics you want an easy and comprehensive guide to, feel free to write to us with a suggestion!

New video series

This year, we started doing something we’ve never really done before. We decided that our content should include videos. This has resulted in two new video series, each with a different focus.

Our first series is called Whiteboard Wednesday. It’s an educational series that helps and inspires online retailers to improve the growth and management of their businesses. Some of the videos feature our own colleagues at Clearhaus, but we’ve also invited industry experts to share their knowledge on their respective fields. You can learn about topics such as payments, chargebacks, and Google Shopping.

Our second video series is called Inspiring Entrepreneurs. We have interviewed successful startups, who share their exciting journeys as well as their best tips and advice for new and aspiring entrepreneurs. So far, you’ve had the chance to meet Shaping New Tomorrow, About Vintage, and RackBuddy.

We will be doing more videos in the new year so you can learn even more about the various aspects of e-Commerce.

New blog posts

You can not only learn from our videos, but also from our array of blog posts. On our blog, you’ll find a mix of our own posts and posts written by guest bloggers who are experts in their respective fields.

This year, we’ve shared no less than 20 blog posts and 11 company cases. Here’s a list of this year’s 10 most popular blog posts:

  1. All about 3-D Secure and 3-D Secure 2.0
  2. [Infographic] Mobile Payments and Digital Wallets in Europe
  3. A Practical Guide to Selling on Amazon
  4. Chargebacks: What they are and how to handle them
  5. 8 Easter Tips to boost your e-Commerce Sales
  6. Apple Pay enters Brazil: Introduces new sales opportunities
  7. How to Boost Sales: Top 8 Email Marketing Tips from JACK & JONES
  8. 5 things that will make or break your Facebook ads campaign
  9. [Infographic] Black Friday Trends - Europe
  10. PSD2 - Strong Customer Authentication: how does it affect you?

We have more blog posts in store for you, but if you have any suggestions for new topics we’re all ears.

Localised application forms

We have translated our application form, enabling Norwegian, Polish and Swedish online shop owners to apply in their own language.

Norwegian and Swedish customers are now also able to seek help in our Helpdesk in their own languages.

These are two small steps towards our goal of nurturing our customers’ needs and making their life just a little bit easier.

London Office

In 2018, we opened our London office. This office will serve as a window to one of Europe’s leading financial hubs

Our Commercial Director, Paul Barclay, and his team will spearhead sales and account management efforts of this new office.

We look forward to the development of our first office abroad.

Looking towards 2019

It’s been an action-packed year for us, but we do not intend to slow down in 2019. We look forward to new customers, new colleagues, new content, and of course, new experiences.

Enjoy the new year!

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