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Whiteboard Wednesday #9: The practical aspects of Black Friday | Clearhaus Learning

You have probably given Black Friday a lot of thought - but have you also considered the practical issues such as delivery, packaging, payments, stock, and staffing?

There are crucial areas if you want to offer a great customer experience. In this video, Rebecca from Clearhaus will highligt a few areas that you might want to consider before Black Friday arrives.

Watch here.

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Hi and welcome to Whiteboard Wednesday. My name is Rebecca, and today we’re going to talk about the practical issues regarding Black Friday. The first thing we’re going to discuss is the payments.

There are very many different kinds of payments, and the one that’s very “hip” right now, or taking the center stage, is actually mobile payments, because a lot of customers would like to make their orders by mobile or tablets.

When you’re using a mobile payment, often it comes with an extra cost, so of course you cannot have everyone on your webpage. So, look into who’s your customer and which country are they from? And that way you can make sure that you’re using the right one. If you want to be more global maybe you should use something like Apple Pay. If you are a customer at Clearhaus, you can actually accept Apple Pay payments.

The next we’re going to discuss is delivery. Hopefully, you’ll get more orders on Black Friday, so you need to make sure that you optimise your packaging process. Make sure you don’t end up in a bottleneck situation, and maybe do something beforehand, like packing the boxes.

Many webshops are using some different kinds of selling points, so what you could do is offer free delivery, but make sure you still earn money.

You can also maybe, free delivery on the first 100 orders or free delivery on amounts above € 75. If you’re going to use the next day delivery, make sure that you can live up to your promise, and make sure that the delivery company is actually prepared to make those orders, or deliveries on Black Friday.

Now we’re going to talk about staffing. On Black Friday, you’re going to be extra busy and you might need some more hands to help you out, so reach out to friends, family etc. to help you out.

You have to be aware that it’s in customer service or packaging you’re going to get the most busy, but be sure if you have any technical issues there are someone to help you, or you are prepared in some way.

The last thing we’re going to talk about on this video is stock. Stock up on your products. That both means that you need to have extra stock of the products you have on discount and everything else.

Your customers might want to buy something else, even though it’s not on discount when they’re already on your webpage. When you have more orders you need to send out more. So, be sure that you have a full stock of supplies. That means maybe boxes, bags, paper, toner for your printer, and so on. You know best what you need in your business.

You can get a lot more tips about optimising on Black Friday in our e-book.

So thank you for watching and have a nice Black Friday.

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