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Whiteboard Wednesday #15: (missed) Opportunities | Clearhaus Learning

When it comes to e-Commerce there are endless opportunities - it can be hard to choose and no-one has the resources to do it all.

However, many online retailers overlook some quite “easy-to-grab” opportunities. That is, potential that be reached with a limited amount of effort.

Allan Jorgensen from Web2Media will talk you through a bunch of them in this video - watch along to see if there’s anything you can do to boost your sales!

Hi and welcome to Whiteboard Wednesday. My name is Allan Jørgensen, I come from Web2Media.

Today, I’m gonna be talking about opportunities and in particular missed opportunities.

In digital marketing, there’s a lot of opportunities. There’s a lot of ways to go down. I’m gonna be talking about some of the errors that I see often is missed and where we can see low-hanging fruit.

I have five topics for today, I’m gonna be speed talking through them so you’ll be able to get some actionable thoughts from here. So, the first topic I’m going to be talking about is the logistics. A lot of e-Commerce shops obviously provide logistics and you can get your stuff delivered. We see a huge increase in return if you go from five to seven days deliveries, so that we get the Sunday shoppers brought along as well. There are a lot of logistics set ups now that can offer you that, so have a look at your own setup. Is it possible for you to add a couple of days to the week? You will see an incremental growth in your revenue.

Secondly, I’m going to be talking about marketing. Google and Facebook cover 50-80% of the possible reach in the European countries. In the Nordics, it’s closer to 80% and South East proposed for 50% - meaning there’s still a lot of percentage that could be added to revenue if you go through marketplaces like Amazon, eBay or 60 others in Europe. Thirdly, I’m going to be talking about payments.

Again, it has the impact on a webshop, but if you look at what you offer now in various countries- it has to be very fragmented because Europe is the most fragmented set up with regards to payments, so in the Netherlands they expect a different payment set up than we have in Denmark, for instance. So don’t think one size fits all. Go for the 80/20 rule and add whatever fits the local market. It’s quite easy to find these information by now, but have a critical look at how you present yourself in the local market.

Fourthly, I’m gonna be talking about personalization. The user expects us to be communicating in actual and relevant way, meaning that they don’t want to have one-to-many offers, they want to have one-to-one. So if you are not doing it now, you’re not providing what user’s getting used to. You can just have a look at what Amazon is doing and try to be as relevant in your communication system as well. There’s a lot of third-party tools out there that can help you do relevant and one-to-one personalized communication, so you can start off with taking a third-party solution that can provide that feature for you when you’re already improving your offer for the customers in that manner.

And finally, I’m going to talk about the actual and relevant subject called CSS. It’s a Comparison Shopping Sites for Google. Google opened up in their system, so the third-party providers can now bid on the Google Shopping placements. They’ve done that through a new regulation, but that leaves huge advantage for the marketeers right now. So, just a short input - find the CSS provider that can help you get on board, you’re going to be saving about 20% of your ad spend; and get a commission from Google as well, at least for the near future.

Beware though that you should find the see-through CSS provider, there’s about hundred of them in the world, but not all are exactly see-through how they work, so just ensure you get one that pays all the commission to you.

Yeah, I think that’s it for today. Have fun implementing stuff. My name is Alan, see you.

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