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Trendday | Womens’ Fashion Online

You might think that it’s challenging to start something new in the fashion industry - and it probably is. But Kasper and Camilla were up for a challenge and now their business is booming. Their online shop sells women’s clothes in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the UK.

Danish online fashion store, Trendday, has grown significantly in size since their humble beginnings back in 2015. By offering top brands and unique designs, Trendday has managed to carve a niche for itself in an otherwise highly competitive online fashion market.

They have put themselves in their customers’ shoes to create the best user experience. By offering thorough product descriptions and displaying most of their products on models, they improve the shopping experience for their customers.

Amongst all the well-known brands, Trendday also offers their own. It’s called TDY Design and produces dresses, tops, bags, and so much more. Their specialty is faux fur - for fashionistas against animal cruelty.

Following their huge success in Denmark and their growing footprint in other Nordic markets and the UK, Trendday is now starting to focus abroad. Sweden is their first target and they expect a growth rate similar to that in Denmark in the coming year.

As the company grew, Trendday realised that they needed a new acquirer. One that was more dedicated and offered better terms, as compared to their previous acquirer.

“Terms are crucial - especially when it comes to acquiring. As a start-up, we needed a quick cash flow, quick settlements, and an easy overview of our transactions. We also needed a contact person, who makes an effort to solve our problems. When the terms are in place, we also value service and transparency. We could get all of this with Clearhaus and that’s why we chose them as our new acquirer.”

Clearhaus is geared to support growing businesses, making us an ideal partner for ambitious companies like Trendday.

“We’re very satisfied with the terms and prices Clearhaus has been able to offer us. It has made it easy for us to grow fast, even though we were a start-up. Their support also deserves a mention. Over the years we’ve had quite a few questions - we have always gotten an answer and we are left with a feeling that their customer support really makes an effort.”

We’re humbled by Trendday’s kind words, and we hope they will remain our business partner for years to come. We look forward to helping them conquer the Swedish and other Nordic markets in the future.

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