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SuperB | How Clearhaus Supports Customers

SuperB is a new Danish tech-entrepreneur who specialises in the management of bookings and payments for restaurants. Also, it offers additional services based on its proprietary system. Besides the company’s intelligent booking system, SuperB has the extra feature of charging customers a no-show fee in the event of them not honouring their reservations. The absence of guests can cost a restaurant up to 15% of its revenue.

Among others, SuperB serves several high-profile restaurants which have Fine Dining approaches. For these customers, it is paramount for their bookings to be fully optimised.

Having hundreds of monthly transactions, SuperB has managed to both simplify and upgrade the catering industry reservation system. The company’s services offer clients an overview of their workflows, and the possibility to manage everything from bookings to payments - all in one. By using its solution, SuperB believes that restaurants can also develop better relationships with their guests.

“For us, it has been a jungle to find a partner who could understand our core business, and at the same time, deliver a flexible and customised solution without demanding various bank guarantees or other requirements from a startup. Clearhaus has a good image and value proposition that welcome startups, and, also, help us develop in the right direction” (Zaedo Musa, CEO of SuperB).

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