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Studiz | Student discounts by students for students

Students are crazy about student discounts - and Studiz had the ambition to make it easier for students in Denmark to navigate the many great deals that businesses have to offer. Their 130,000+ users and more than 873 current deals speak for themselves - they did indeed succeed in their mission.

Studiz actually started out as a project for a bachelor’s thesis, but founder, Lasse Tindbæk, has since dedicated more and more of his time to the project. Today, Studiz is a successful hub for Danish student discounts. You’ll find discounts for both physical and online stores, and on everything from fitness, clothes, and makeup to travel and electronics.

Students can have an account with Studiz completely free of charge. Instead, they make their money on partner deals with companies who are willing to pay a bit of money to be present on the popular platform. That’s because they know that catching the attention of consumers early on can really pay off - and as an added bonus they’ll get information on the buying behaviour of young consumers. These are the selling points Studiz use to promote their service.

Studiz is, however, much more than just an overview of student discounts. They also offer a virtual student card, so you don’t have to carry around your confirmation of enrollment wherever you go. Their latest addition is Tickets by Studiz - an initiative aimed at making event and ticket management easier for both students and educational institutions.

girl using a student discount in the Studiz app

It was this service that created a need for an acquirer.

“As an extra service to our partner institutions, we wanted to make a ticket system tailored to their needs - that’s when we needed to find an acquirer and the reason that we started our collaboration with Clearhaus. We had already heard a lot about them through our contacts in the startup milieu and, therefore, already knew the benefits of using their service as compared to other acquirers in the market.”

Studiz has the motto “by students for students”. As a result, the focus is always on the needs of the students - both when it comes to selecting new partner businesses, but also when they had to choose an acquirer.

“Our starting point is always the students and finances are very important to them. That’s why we needed a flexible partner, who could deliver the acquiring service at economically favourable terms.”

The majority of Studiz’ target audience is young adults. And since young people love paying with their mobile, Studiz wanted an acquirer who supported mobile payments.

“The easy access to customer support and the possibility of an integration to MobilePay was a decisive factor because a lot of our customers appreciates it.”

So far, Studiz has helped students saving more than €1.2 million. At Clearhaus, we’re happy to be part of the journey and we look forward to supporting Studiz while they help Danish students save even more money.

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