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These 9 friends aim to make the world's best whisky

In 2005, nine Danish friends joined forces to create the world’s best whisky. One was a butcher, others were engineers, doctors or teachers. Together, they had no experience with whisky production. But with drive and creativity, the project gained momentum quickly and today Stauning Whisky is well on its way to the stars. In the world of whisky as well as in e-commerce.

The small town of Stauning in West Jutland forms the framework for Stauning Whisky. The fields around the distillery supply the grain for the malt, but the production itself is carried out on proud Scottish traditions. The grain is malted on the factory floor and turned with a self-invented malt mixer. The distillation takes place in copper pot stills, heated over an open fire. All measures are taken to create the perfect taste of a world-class whisky.

In 2006, world-renowned whiskey connoisseur Jim Murray tasted a freshly distilled Stauning Whisky. After a few seconds of nerve-wracking silence, he burst out:

“People who love smoked whisky will kill their own mother to get hold of such a bottle here. This can go on to become one of the best smoked whiskeys in the world!”

Since then, thousands of liters of alcohol has flowed through the copper pots. In 2020, Stauning Whisky inaugurated a new, large whisky distillery, so that the company now has Denmark’s largest of its kind. In a few years, the new distillery will be able to produce 900,000 liters of whisky a year. That’s over four times more Stauning Whisky than the 200,000 liters produced in 2019.

The success seems to be endless for Stauning Whiskey. Some weeks they sell whisky for up to €200,000 on their online store, which they established in 2017. But with big sales comes even greater requirements for automation and bookkeeping. Here, the acquiring agreement with Clearhaus is a big advantage.

“The demand has been insane, and it has resulted in a lot of changes for Stauning Whisky as a company. However, Clearhaus’ dashboard has made it much easier for us to get an overview of the payments we receive on which we reconcile our accounts,” says Stefan Djurhuus, communications officer at Stauning Whiskey. He continues:

“For us, Clearhaus works flawlessly. The dashboard helps us automate our processes, and the money always arrives on time.”

Stauning Whisky is already one of the favorite quality whiskeys on the Danish market. With both online sales and whisky production on a sharp upward curve, big things are starting to happen at the distillery by the Danish west coast. The next goal is to kick in the doors to whisky markets in Germany, France and the UK.

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