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Shaping New Tomorrow | The Perfect Pants

The perfect pants. Nice pants that feel like wearing sweatpants. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what Shaping New Tomorrow offers (at least the last part, the first might be subjective).

The three co-founders were fed up with being uncomfortable every time they wanted to dress nicely. They took matters in their own hands and created Shaping New Tomorrow. The fashion brand sells all kinds of clothes, but they’re most famous for their signature pants. A stylish and elegant design with a comfort only seen in sweatpants.

When the whole thing started the guys were still in school and the business was merely a side project, but when you’ve hit gold things are bound to take off. And it certainly did for Shaping New Tomorrow.

Even though their business was already thriving and they managed to open up a flagship store in their hometown, the pivotal moment came on a Tuesday in April 2018. The three founders and their company aired on primetime TV on the show Løvens Hule (equivalent to Dragons’ Den). The publicity sent hundreds of customers to their online shop and they’ve been doing great ever since.

Clearhaus has been with them from the beginning.

“We needed an acquirer because we launched our online shop. We didn’t know a lot about the payment landscape, so we got some guidance from several providers and ended up choosing Clearhaus.”

Even though their knowledge of the industry was scarce, they knew exactly what they wanted from their payment provider:

“We wanted a Danish acquirer that wasn’t too small, as we wanted to make sure we could count on them. It was also crucial that we felt welcome and that we got great support. Later we’ve also realised that fees vary a lot, but also on this parameter Clearhaus has been satisfactory.”

Despite their busy year, Shaping New Tomorrow is not slowing down. They’re continuously launching new styles, the latest one being suit pants with their trademark comfort. They also have plans on expanding to new countries. At Clearhaus, we look forward to following and supporting this great adventure, letting even more people enjoy The Perfect Pants.

Get to know Shaping New Tomorrow better and get the founders’ best tips for new entrepreneurs in this video:

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