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A businessman with a knack for heart rate monitors

In the chlorinated air by the swimming pool, the elite coach Henrik Bisgård suddenly sensed that something new was on the way. It was the late 90’s and some swimming coaches had started talking about heart rate monitors as a tool to optimize training. Was there a future in this budding technology?

With the attitude of an entrepreneur, Henrik Bisgård began to investigate the business opportunity and by Christmas 1999 he sold 30 heart rate monitors. The seeds of success had been laid.

Enthusiastically, Henrik Bisgård tore off the domain shelf and began to create his empire of heart rate monitoring from the office in Horsens with great success. Since 2017, the number of orders on has tripled. The same happened to the number of employees.

All of this is happening in a tough market, where stores with large inventories can often offer better prices but lack expert knowledge.

“We are not here because we enjoy putting a watch in a box and mailing it. We are here to offer customers something they cannot get anywhere else. I have 5 supporters sitting by the phones who are trained experts on these products. And when customers receive competent guidance, they are often fine with paying 10€ more for a watch,” says Henrik Bisgård.

Henrik Bisgård was born to be an entrepreneur. In 1993, he founded his own ice cream shop, and a few years later he set up his first online store. Back then, there was no such thing as credit card online payments. Running an online business was no walk in the park and one order a day was enough to make Henrik Bisgård a happy man.

Since then, it has become easier and cheaper to receive payments online. And when Henrik Bisgård in 2018 changed acquirer to Clearhaus, it was clear that he could save more than ten thousand Euros a year.

To this day he swears by 3DSecure and Clearhaus’ chargeback management system which means that he has not lost a single penny on chargebacks since he started using Clearhaus.

“I contacted Clearhaus myself and got an agreement that saved us a lot of money. We felt well received and we were carried through the process really well. Whenever I have a problem I have always been met by a welcoming supporter who solves the problems for me,” he says

Together with Clearhaus, Henrik Bisgård is now ready to enter a new market. Lately he has sensed that the market for hometraining on bicycles is on the rise. Could he be right again?

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