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Park Park | How Clearhaus Handles Subscriptions

ParkPark’s goal is to make parking easier in Denmark. They want to achieve this by putting an end to parking fines and to the time wasted on searching for an available and accessible parking space.

The idea behind ParkPark is to create a subscription-based solution that can be used anywhere in Denmark. This involves the company collaborating with both public and private providers in order to create a national parking network offered via an intelligent mobile app. By using the app, a driver can easily check in and out of the parking space on any occasion.

The focus of the company is to create great consumer satisfaction by offering an intuitive interface and positive user experiences.

“For ParkPark, it was important to find a partner that supports Visa and Mastercard, as these types of cards are essential to us. We have chosen Clearhaus to be our acquirer due to their competitive prices, high level of customer service and short payout. These qualities represent key parameters for ParkPark’s business model” (Bo Abrahamsen, CEO of ParkPark).

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