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Outlet Cykler | Quality Bikes at Discount Prices

Danes are a biking people. In fact, Denmark is number two on the list of countries with the most bikes per capita. Therefore, making a living out of bicycles doesn’t sound like a bad idea. That’s what Thomas Hansen decided to do. Here’s the story about Thomas’s successful business,, and how Clearhaus supported his growth.

Thomas Hansen started his journey by selling bicycles at a local bike shop. A few years later he considered new ways to grow his business, he thought: “what if I sold the bikes online?”. That’s how was born.

Today, a growing share of Thomas Hansen’s turnover is generated by his webshop. Why? Because he sells quality bikes and bike equipment at discount prices. How? By selling products online, he’s able to cut costs and as a result, he can lower his prices - offering attractive discounts to the market. This was an idea bound for success. sells all the well-known brands. They offer a price guarantee - if any other webshop is selling the bike at a lower price, Outlet Cykler will match it. Outlet Cykler also assembles the bikes, mounts any extra equipment the customer purchases, and delivers the bike for free. They even refund costs for guarantee-covered repairs in case the bike should break.

Some might be hesitant to buy a bike without checking it out in person first. For such customers, Outlet Cykler has a showroom, displaying some of the models they sell online. Here, customers can stop by to take a first-hand look at the selection of bikes, and also consult experts on any question they may have.

The idea was spot-on and business was great, but after gaining some experience as a webshop-owner, Thomas Hansen found himself unsatisfied with his acquirer. The pricing and customer service were not quite right. Another concern was the risk. By depending on one acquirer only, Outlet Cykler was exposed to the risk of potential technical issues. This is when Thomas started looking for a new acquirer to handle his online payments.

“It was very important that the acquirer did well on integrations (APIs), had low latency/response times when doing card captures, and in general was competitive on pricing.”

After considering potential candidates, Thomas Hansen chose Clearhaus as the new acquirer. He was happy about his choice from the very beginning, as was glad that everything was working smoothly:

“We were very pleased with the rapid account creation and the fast payouts.”

Now that Outlet Cykler and Clearhaus have had the chance to work together for a while, Thomas Hansen still feels confident about his choice.

In e-Commerce, there are bound to be some issues with the stream of online payments and many things can go wrong. As a webshop owner, you need to keep track of volumes of transactions - which is why it’s important that you get the support you need, quickly and easily:

“We were positively surprised by the customer service. It was very helpful and informative, beyond our expectations.”

Satisfied customers drive our business - that’s why we’re delighted to receive such great feedback. We’ll do our best to keep up the good work and help bring more bikes to the Danes.

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