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My Best Book | Techsavvy grandparents boost children’s books sale

A new generation of techsavvy grandparents created growth for children’s book success, My Best Book, which is present in markets in most of Europe.

When Henrik Jensen created My Best Book in 2013, he wanted to ignite a spark in the classic children’s book product by personalizing it. But it took a long time for the book to become a success. Only as Europe’s grandparents opened their eyes to e-commerce, a successful business took shape.

“The greatest difference now is that Grandparents have started buying online now. Once they grabbed the phone and called us to ask if they could pay by check. We don’t hear about that much anymore. But today half of our customers are grandparents,” says the founder of My Best Book, Henrik Jensen.

Today, the company has moved to new, large offices with room for the expansion that the company is facing. Namely an expansion to the whole of Europe and then Asia and the United States. But the growth adventure has not always been easy. Especially not the marketing part - for which Henrik Jensen has gained tremendous respect.

“The biggest surprise for us has been that products don’t sell themselves. It takes some marketing and a lot of leg work to get it sold. Suddenly we realized that there was no money left in the account because we didn’t sell anything. But then we decided to throw the last money into Facebook, and luckily it created sale,” says Henrik Jensen.

He finds that his children’s books make a difference for families around Europe. He even gets feedback from mothers who have shed tears of joy as they read the stories to their children.

“It is indescribable to hear that it makes a difference in people’s everyday lives,” says Henrik Jensen, adding that it was one of the reasons he chose Clearhaus’s payment solution.

“Clearhaus is a good match for us, because they have the same intentions as we do. Clearhaus wants to make a positive difference in the world. Just like us.”

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