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Mecindo ends the wait for well-being

Most people find it frustrating to stand in line at the pharmacist or health store. But as most will know, physical queueing at the pharmacy is still the norm. However, e-commerce is about to change these habits for good. Health webshop Mecindo has seized that development with great success.

Mecindo started its journey in 2016 - back when physical stores dominated the market. As a result, the supply of good health products online was so low that Mecindo saw an opportunity to make a difference.

“We quickly saw that if we wanted to enter this market, Mecindo had to be an online business. That way, we were able to create a good and wide selection of very strong brands at competitive prices,” says Christian Foged, Chief Digital Officer at Mecindo.

Today, the Mecindo strategy consists of four cornerstones: strong brands, good prices, fast delivery and great support. In 2019, the entire business moved from England to Denmark. From here, Mecindo now ships its goods to all of Scandinavia.

The strategy has been a success. In just a few years, Mecindo has consolidated its position in the market and created a successful online store with 15,000 different items in stock.

“Mecindo is made up of a fantastic collection of platforms, which have been selected to be as agile as possible so that we can compete in the reality that is just around the corner,” says Christian Foged and continues:

“There has definitely been a shift in consumption patterns in recent years. Online shopping has become easier and more convenient. Many who have previously bought their goods exclusively in the supermarket have learned to buy online,” says Christian Foged.

The demand for agility and speed made it easy for Mecindo to point to Clearhaus as their acquirer. It was pivotal to the agreement that Clearhaus was stable and easy to use.

“Clearhaus meets the very simple requirements that are cost and speed. It is about making it easy for us and Clearhaus just works without any unpleasant surprises. I have worked in e-commerce for 20 years and I have experienced a lot of solutions that I would never return to. But Clearhaus’ swiftness, stability and user friendliness is extremely important because it is part of the foundation of our entire business,” says Christian Foged.

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