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Opening a bottle of wine or champagne is always a pleasurable experience. The sound a bung stopper makes when popped out has, over the years, become associated with the sound of victory or success - celebration in general. But did you know that there’s more to cork than just using it for wine bottles? realised the potential of cork material and have created a unique and diverse range of products. is a family-owned business based in Poznań, western Poland, and its diverse and impressive selection of products made from cork material includes:

This creative and practical company offers its services in over 25 webshops, in 25 languages, and operates mainly in Europe. However, it receives orders from outside the continent’s borders and is hoping to expand its reach in the years to come.

The CEO of, Adam Szcześniak, recognised that in order for the company to offer its products to as many people as possible, the payment methods were key issues that needed prompt attention. In his own words, Adam says that:

“Credit cards are one of the most popular payment methods in European countries, that is why it was a necessity for our company to provide our customers with a variety of convenient and secure payments in order to attract even higher volumes of potential customers.”

The Polish company needed someone they could trust with their transfers and earnings. After their research, they decided on Clearhaus:

“Our main focus was to find an acquirer which would be able to cooperate with a Polish company and Clearhaus was the only one offering settlements on clear conditions. Clearhaus was also recommended by the supplier of our webshop platforms ( and additionally was fully integrated with QuickPay.”

In terms of what they value and appreciate about our collaboration, Mr. Szcześniak adds that:

“The most important fact is the reliability of the service, the clarity of the rules and the quality of the support in the case of any problems. From the beginning of our collaboration, every time some issue occurred, we received quick and professional help from the Clearhaus team. We have never had any delays or problems with payment settlements and we appreciate the solidity and high-quality services and products provided by our acquirer.”

Their prediction was without error. Deciding on offering customers to pay via credit card proved to be a wise decision taken by

“Since we started working with Clearhaus and have been able to accept online payments from Visa & Mastercard, our market share has grown significantly. We noticed that the number of customers who chose the payment methods supported by Clearhaus has grown. Our customers are now able to pay in convenient ways while our business can keep up the development rate and focus on attracting more and more customers. Also, we can be sure about the cash flow, as we fully trust our acquirer.”

Mr. Szcześniak concludes on the collaboration between Clearhaus and

“We recommend Clearhaus to every merchant who is as demanding as we are.”

The reflection made by the Poles from on their experience with Clearhaus is stunning and highly appreciated. We are absolutely delighted to be by their side every step of the way.

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