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Hungry | How We Work with a Takeway Platform

Hungry is a Danish online takeaway platform that was launched in March 2013. The company is in the service of more than 1,100 restaurants in Denmark and serves everything from sushi to pizza. Every day, Hungry processes thousands of orders for all its restaurants directly from its mobile app. The platform has a yearly revenue of more than 150 million DKK (20 million EUR) and it is expected to continue growing.

The mission of the company is to offer the best experience to hungry customers with an appetite for take away meals. Their focus is to offer their customers a great variety of food to choose from and to provide them with discounts and loyalty bonuses. The benefits of the discounts and loyalty schemes, in turn, create value for the restaurants issuing them.

“A good partner for us is characterised by offering a competitive price, stability, a technical team, and a high level of ambition. With that in mind, we are certain that Clearhaus is a great match for us, also due to them being able to handle our volume and support our growth target” (Rune Risom, Adm. Director of Hungry).

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