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How to prevent fraud in your webshop

How can I protect myself against fraud?

There is no easy way to prevent fraud. It is up to the owner of the webshop to prevent it. But how can this be done?

Fraud and chargeback received

As previously mentioned, there is no way to avoid fraud completely. The best you can do is try to prevent it. A good checklist for all webshops are:

The more security and authentications your webshop has, the more you can prevent fraud. Unfortunately, although you might have checked all boxes, fraud can still occur. Using 3DS or VbV helps you reduce fraud by over 90%.

In the event that you still get a fraudulent transaction even though the transaction was made in a secure environment (3DS or VbV), you no longer have the liability for the transaction. The issuer becomes liable for the transaction in cases like this.

Small yet effective management of your webshop is what you need to help mitigate fraud and losses in the long run.

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