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Hiper | Easy broadband for everyone

Until 2015, the Danish broadband market was fragmented. Some providers offered broadband through the DSL network, since the 100-year-old copper cables still provide internet of up to 100 Mbit. Others used COAX and even fewer the newly established fiber network. But no one reached across the whole range until Hiper came along. This move has made Hiper one of the most experienced players in an environment overflowing with providers.

“The competition is intense. So this is a really good time for consumers. As a broadband provider, you really have to deliver on the price. But after a few adjustments, we have found growth,” says Mads Hein, CEO of Hiper, who calls the Hiper Nuuday Group’s “fighter brand”.

In competitive waters, Hiper has upped its marketing and found a business model that allows them to increase its customer base by 1,000 customers every single month and rockets them close to the top of Loyalty Group’s annual customer surveys.

“The strengths of Hiper are that we are very focused on the one task we have to solve. Namely broadband. We have an IT platform that is tailored for broadband - and only that. This means that what the more established players can spend a year on, we get done in 8 weeks,” says Mads Hein.

He alludes to the fact that Hiper within a short period of time has integrated with electricity companies such as Ewii and Fibia, so that Hiper can now serve over a million households.

Hiper is born digital and prioritizes collaborating with companies with a high-tech and internet-based approach. That’s why Hiper has chosen Clearhaus to seamlessly take care of Hiper’s payments online.

“A large share of our sales takes place digitally and just a few hours of downtime can have immense consequences. Our online sales simply HAS to work and in Clearhaus we have found a service that always works at a competitive price,” says Mads Hein.

In 2020, Hiper expects to serve 60,000 customers, and in the future, lightning-fast broadband will only become even more popular. All the big players are investing heavily in fiber, and Mads Hein predicts a bright future for those who want fast broadband.

“The future is fiber everywhere. Right now, there is a race to the ditches to dig down fiber and get households ready for lightning-fast internet. When a company has added fiber to a household, it gets less attractive for others to do so, so I think the great demand for fast broadband means that 90-95 percent of Danish households will have fiber coverage within a short period of time,” says Mads Hein.

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