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Hshop | Passion for the game

A passion for handball - that’s what brought together the three guys behind

Passionate handball players Christian, Rasmus, and Henrik spent many hours playing and mastering the popular sport. Years of learning about the game - both at elite and amateur levels - taught them that one factor that impacts performance is the quality of the gear.

In 2014 they decided to launch - an online shop where they would sell handball equipment. Today, they offer everything a handball-lover could dream of, as well as sportswear for those who do not play the game.

Hshop and Clearhaus’ paths crossed when Hshop realised that their acquirer at the time was not fulfilling their needs. They started looking for a replacement and decided on Clearhaus.

On their change of acquirer, Hshop says:

“It was an obsolete system, the previous one. No fraud control, no real time, no card info, no opportunities. There is more to Clearhaus, more than an acquirer, they offer a lot of flexibility in the agreement.”

It can be hard to know what to look for in an acquirer if you are a brand new business about to get your very first merchant agreement. The first pick does not always turn out to be a keeper, which is why you may end up having to switch to a new acquirer.

As an experienced player, Hshop knew what to look for when choosing a new acquirer. If any “soon-to-be” merchants are reading this, here’s Hshop’s tips on what criteria acquirers should fulfill:

And it’s also a bonus if they are willing to cut you a good deal as your webshop grows.

According to Hshop, Clearhaus satisfied these criteria and a new partnership was born.

One of the things Hshop appreciates the most about Clearhaus is how we have helped them reduce the level of fraud in their webshop.

“Clearhaus helped us deal with fraud. We had problems with fraud before, but thanks to Clearhaus, we can track fraudulent cards in real time and contact fraudsters as well - it has paid off a lot.”

Now that Hshop has been a customer at Clearhaus for a while, they have come to know our Dashboard very well. They highlight the Dashboard as an important benefit of being a Clearhaus customer.

“We really enjoy the clarity of the transactions in the Dashboard. One can easily see the refunds and other important information. When we do accounting, we are able to export the info.”

By selling top quality handball gear online - available to everyone - and by sponsoring handball clubs, Hshop is doing their part in developing and supporting Danish handball.

At Clearhaus, we are happy to be part of Hshop’s success and we’re looking forward to supporting their growth in the future.

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