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Google Ads: Target your customers with display ads

We’ve all been exposed to display ads - some more than others - when we’ve visited various websites. In my opinion, it’s a neglected channel that you shouldn’t ignore. That’s despite the fact that the channel has been subject to some criticism in the past years, both from users and online shops.

The users are getting tired of having ads thrown at them everywhere they go. This has led to some degree of “banner blindness”. In fact, more than half the users ignore display ads. An increasing amount of people also install Adblock plugins, blocking ads in their browser.

This has consequences for online shops as their display ads are either not shown or end up bothering the users. From a business perspective, it means that poor setup and optimisation of the display campaigns can result in your ad money going down the drain - with no benefits whatsoever. The main challenge is effective targeting - but it actually is possible to create a successful display campaign.

How to create successful display campaigns

First, I would like to point out that there’s a difference between “regular” display campaigns and remarketing campaigns - even though both are shown in the display network. Display ads are often used for remarketing, meaning that the ads are shown to people who have already shown an interest in your product or service. When running display ads, there’s a greater chance that users, who already know your brand, will convert into customers as compared to users, who don’t know who you are. We are inclined to seek what we know and are comfortable with, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that we are more likely to click on ads from brands that we already know.

Personally, I recommend creating separate campaigns for remarketing since this approach tends to work best. That’s because you can create user-defined audiences and target your ads to these specific users. That could, for example, be people who:

The possibilities are endless, and it’s up to you to figure out which target audiences offer the most potential. When you’ve figured this out, you can create an ad group for each audience. This will let you create targeted ads and you can adjust your bids accordingly. When using display campaigns, you pay either per click (like ads in the search network and Google Shopping) or per view or per conversion.

Display campaigns offer a huge potential

Your display ads can yield extraordinary results in remarketing campaigns, but it’s all about providing your customers with convincing and informative ads. Both in terms of text and graphics. The primary goal of a display ad is targeting your potential customers with visual content that stirs their appetite.

It’s all about thinking outside of the box and create beautiful and eye-catching display campaigns that make the users click and land on your website. Being creative can really pay off, but it’s important to keep your brand in mind, as there should always be a common thread between your brand and your ads.

Good display campaigns tend to be effective as they have a low CPA and high ROI. There’s much potential to be realised. Google knows your customers, so when doing remarketing campaigns, the ads will be placed on websites that your customer already visits. Since they already know your brand, there’s a greater chance that they will convert.

How to get started with display ads

  1. Decide what you want out of the campaign. Is it remarketing, building brand awareness, or ads on specific websites, etc.?
  2. Find the ad material you want to use and then create a new campaign in Google Ads. It’s a good idea to have several different texts and images ready.
  3. Choose your targets and audiences
  4. Create the ad. You can easily create different versions and compare CTR to see which ones perform the best. You can then create more of the best-performing ones.
  5. Select your budget and send you ads for approval.
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Andreas works as Head of Search at Search Partners. Search Partners is a specialised search marketing agency. Through a goal-oriented focus on creating lasting growth, better return, and better turnover, it provides customers with better solutions. With years of experience as well as certification in both SEO and Google Ads, your business is guaranteed results.

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