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Fuji Fotocenter Bildcompaniet | Relive your Memories

Most of us are guilty of taking lots of pictures and then forget them on our phones or hard disk. What if we instead developed our precious memories and used our pictures as a part of our interior design at home or at the office?

It’s trendy to use posters as part of your interior design and most interior shops offer a broad selection of decorative posters. Bildcompaniet offers the latest within photography and helps their customers create unique and meaningful pictures to be used to decorate their homes. They serve their customers in the idyllic city of Norrköping, Sweden, but like many other businesses, they also wanted to make it possible for their customers to submit orders online.

“We started a new project where you could do orders online and through an app, and we needed an acquirer that would work well on mobile devices.”

So what made Bildcompaniet choose Clearhaus as their acquirer?

“The low setup costs so that we could get started immediately even though we didn’t have a forecast of the number of transactions.”

It’s not easy making forecasts of the number of transactions in advance, yet this shouldn’t keep people from pursuing their business idea. We don’t want it to be too complicated for ambitious and driven entrepreneurs to get started.

According to Bildcompaniet, the most attractive features about Clearhaus’ services are:

“Simplicity and fast set up time.”

We’re happy to hear that Bildcompaniet appreciates our services. We wish Bildcompanietall much success in all their future endeavors.

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