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Most of us have tried to throw together some sort of event and know that even small, private events demand a lot of planning. The bigger the events get, the more complicated the planning becomes unless you use EasySignup - because they handle all the administrative tasks for you.

When hosting an event, there are tons of tasks to organise. There are invites, list of participants, seating arrangements, name tags and so much more. The Danish company EasySignup thought that perhaps some companies could use a little help with all of this organising, and as it turns out, they were right.

EasySignup handles the sign-up procedure for an array of events. Everything from Christmas parties and company getaways to conferences, seminars, and presentations. EasySignup offers two packages, depending on the number of sign-ups you have each year. They also offer a free trial if you’re still on the verge.

So what do they actually provide? EasySignup’s setup is split into seven sections:

There are a number of features for each of the sections. The most important ones include company information, event information, different ticket types/price ranges, required participant information, confirmation email/text, mailing lists, participant lists, name tags, aggregation of payments, reuse of information from previous events, and so much more. All in all, they make all the practical stuff much easier and faster for you, so that you can focus on fine-tuning the event.

EasySignup has to accept payments - both from their customers and from people participating in the customers’ events. This requires the help of an acquirer, so EasySignup found one. But not all acquirers are alike, and the company discovered that their first pick was not a great match. Their first acquirer only allowed CSV-files to be run in batches, which limited a number of things, like refunds and order status. That’s when they started looking for a replacement and they knew exactly what to look for:

After browsing the selection of acquirers, EasySignup found that Clearhaus satisfied these criteria:

“Our experience has been that Clearhaus offers a competitive price point. Clearhaus also offers complete integration with our gateway and the dashboard works very nicely. When we have been in contact with support, help has been quick and competent.”

The folks at EasySignup had a good amount of experience under their belts and knew exactly what to look for in an acquirer. They plan on staying with Clearhaus and had high expectations:

“We expected Clearhaus to deliver what they promised, and they have delivered more than that. For instance, our questions for support have been answered quicker than expected.”

Happy customers make for happy employees - that’s why we always appreciate positive feedback here at Clearhaus. We’re glad to hear that EasySignup is satisfied with the service we provide - after all, that is exactly what we strive for every day.

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