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Dinero | Make accounting quick and easy

Dinero was born from the common observation made by the people behind and Amino about the Danish market back in 2010:

there was no user-friendly accounting system available for small-to-medium-sized companies to use for their daily accounting.

The accounting programs available out there were tailored specifically to the expertise of trained accountants, programs that came at an inaccessible price for most companies working their way up the expansion ladder. So, if a non-specialised person was interested in doing the simplest accounting tasks in the firm, it would have been quite a burden, either effort-wise or financially.

After their startling discovery, and Amino decided to join forces and founded Dinero.

With Dinero, users can perform a broad range of accounting activities, from creating invoices with attachments, making VAT accounts, to generating cost-revenue overviews. The accounting program (also named Dinero) can be used on several devices that have internet connection such as PCs, MACs, mobile phones, and tablets.

Dinero makes accounting easy by analyzing crowdsourced data and finding patterns in the way in which companies make account postings.

By the end of 2012, already 25,000 companies were using Dinero, and in 2015, this innovative software company had managed to triple its sales made in 2014. Dinero operates on a freemium business model, meaning that clients can sign up and use a basic package of services free of charge, and only additional features are priced. Dinero’s product and services are highly appreciated, they report that around 100 new companies per day start using the accounting system.

In the future, by continuing to analyse data meticulously, Dinero expects to expand its range of offerings to include credit rating, collective procurement and industry benchmarking, among many others.

What Dinero decided to do is both fresh and highly useful, and in order to keep up the good work, they needed the proper business partner. In the words of Dennis Schouboe, Dinero’s Business Controller:

“By choosing Clearhaus, Dinero has saved a lot of money on its acquirer - for example, we only pay a low price for individual transactions and do not need to have a subscription.“

But low costs weren’t the only reason that convinced Dinero about Clearhaus, adds Mr. Schouboe:

“Also, because of Clearhaus’ API, we can remove some of the manual bookkeeping and thus facilitate the workflow.”

Mr. Schouboe concludes:

“We like to work with a company that, like Dinero, prioritises a high level of service and innovation, and that is Clearhaus.”

We’d like to thank Dinero for choosing Clearhaus, and wish them to continue their pursuit of changing the landscape of accounting as we know it.

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