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DBU | How Clearhaus Supports Danish Football

Known as the Danish Football Association, DBU is the management body for organised football in Denmark. DBU manages both local and professional clubs and is responsible for major national tournaments, games for the Danish national team and to train and educate players, leaders, and trainers.

DBU uses Clearhaus for its DBU Club Office, a management system provided as a SaaS, which enables local football clubs to manage themselves, and makes it easier for people to pay for their membership fees.

“We cooperate with Clearhaus because they have made it easy for our clubs to manage themselves in relation to payments. Clearhaus has a strong business sense and a deep insight into our product and service. Besides this, we like Clearhaus’ digital approach and customer service, which makes it very easy for a football club to administer its members” Brian Reimer, Project Manager at DBU

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