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Coolpriser | Gadgets and Phone Accessories

A place where you can get anything and everything - that’s what Coolpriser has gradually become. They specialise in accessories for mobile phones and tablets but have expanded their selection over the last couple of years. Read their story here. (Cool Prices) has been around since 2009, and today, they’re one of the leading online suppliers of gadgets and accessories for smartphones and tablets in Denmark.

Their ever-growing selection covers thousands of items at all price levels, including products from leading brands such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, and Sony.

Coolpriser is an ambitious company and has entered new and exciting segments over the last couple of years. They now stock products in categories like fashion & beauty, housing & leisure, electronics, and offer heaps of gadgets, games, and e-cigarettes.

Coolpriser receives several thousand orders every month. That’s why a stable and frictionless handling of payments was a requirement for the company’s operations and success.

Here’s what Coolpriser has to say about why they chose Clearhaus as their acquirer:

“Everything works fine and we get a great overview of everything. The money is always paid on time and as per our agreement. Service and response-time are top-class. And the few times it has been necessary to get in touch with Clearhaus, their customer support has been quick and easy to talk to. We switched from our former acquirer because we had to wait a week for foreign payments. It was also way too difficult to get through to their customer support.”

Coolpriser was among the very first Danish online shops to get a merchant account with Clearhaus.

Coolpriser recently decided to open new online shops in Sweden and in the UK - and - and they also chose Clearhaus as their acquirer in these markets. expects to open webshops in another 5-6 countries over the next few years. Naturally, Clearhaus is chosen to be a solid business partner in the pursuit of this vision - among other things because they accept all currencies.

“At Coolpriser we are super happy about our collaboration with Clearhaus. Their system more than fulfills all our requirements and expectations. We appreciate fast set-up time, a customised solution adjusted to our business, and thorough fraud control. System failures are almost non-existent. Everything runs smoothly, and the prices are particularly reasonable.”

Coolpriser also emphasises that Clearhaus continuously develop and adjust their systems to changed conditions in the e-Commerce industry - they are very satisfied with this.

At Clearhaus, we are happy that some of our first customers are still loyal and still prefer us as their acquirer. We look forward to many more years of collaboration with Coolpriser, and we can’t wait to support them on their foreign adventures.

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