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Christmas guide: How to create campaigns for different segments

First and foremost, put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Think of their needs, shopping patterns, familiarity with your brand, and buyer stage.

Have a look at the table below:

Table 1. Examples of customer types

Segment Goal Campaign ideas
High-value customers Increase revenue Personalised emails
Loyal customers Increase order size Exclusive offers
Deal lovers Cross-sell Discounts, bundles, daily offers
New customers First purchase Gift ideas, free shipping
Strangers Capture permission, boost reach Christmas video, Advent calendar, Influencers

High-value customers:

These are people who have placed larger orders in the past or tend to choose your more expensive, quality products.

You might want to spend a bit more time on meeting their needs. Review their previous purchases and pages viewed (if you have this data) to send them personalised emails with suggested products.

Loyal customers:

Most e-Commerce businesses experience an increase in average order value (AOV) during the festive season. Your more frequent and loyal customers are the ones most likely to contribute to AOV growth; which is why focusing on them will be worth your while.

Reward loyal customers with special offers. The keyword here is “exclusivity”. Send them a special discount code that unlocks price reductions. Or offer them a free gift on purchases over a certain amount.

Deal lovers:

These are people who will rush to your online store to secure a deal. They are folks who hunt for and compare offers and may not necessarily be loyal to your brand.

You want to tap into their FOMO (fear of missing out) and lure them to your store with a hard-to-resist deal, then cross-sell complimentary products. Another approach could be to invite them to sign up for your “daily offers” advent calendar, that sends them alerts of special deals released each day leading up to Christmas.

advent calendar deal with 20% off shoes on December 14th

New customers:

Christmas is the perfect time to grow your customer base. People are on the lookout for gifts for loved ones and are open to suggestions. Get on their radar early by creating content that inspires them with ideas for their Christmas shopping. Consider making a dedicated landing page with your products that would work as good gift ideas.

different categories to create on your site for Christmas

Another way to ease the decision for first-time buyers is to entice them with free shipping. In a report by PostNord, 79% of consumers said free shipping is important. While offering free shipping on an everyday basis may not be sustainable for your business, you might want to consider it during the peak shopping season.

Tip: Make sure you’re not losing money on this offer. Set a cap on the size of orders that qualify for free shipping, for example, “Free shipping on all orders over €100”.


These are people who fit your target audience profiles but are not customers yet or haven’t heard of you yet. Make the most of the festive season; not just to boost sales, but also to get in front of these prospective customers.

Run a campaign that turns strangers into leads that you can nurture with your email offers - not just during December but also next year. A giveaway or sweepstake promoted on social media is a great way to do this. Facebook and Instagram allow you to create Lead Ads, where people can sign up to receive emails from you, without leaving the Facebook/Instagram environment.

Facebook competition where you can win a customised mug
Tip: Pick a prize that is attractive to your target audience. Also, be sure to specify your contest rules, terms and conditions and privacy policy in your ad.

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