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Do you know the Danish term “Hygge”? No direct translation of the word exists, but basically, it’s all about cosiness, relaxing, and being with the ones you love. Board games are ideal for “hygge” - with both family and friends. Board Gamer is every board game enthusiasts’ wildest dream - a huge selection of board games at favourable prices.

We’re all too familiar with this daily scenario: each family member sitting in front of their own screen instead of being social. And how often are you just watching TV with friends? Pretty often, right? Board games are perfect for getting the family together and engaging everyone in a fun social activity.

Board Gamer was established with the goal of bringing out the child in everyone. To trigger those fond memories of playing Monopoly with the family and to help people find that joy again. The founder finds board games to be the perfect way to spend time with loved ones, but also to get better acquainted with strangers.

At Board Gamer, you can buy all your favourite board games online - or you can choose a game you’ve never tried before. Choosing the right game has never been easier. Mads from Board Gamer has filmed unboxing videos of an array of the games he has in stock. By watching these videos, it’s easier for you to decide whether a game will be to your liking or not.

As of today (June 2018), Board Gamer has nearly 10,000 products online. Among those are quiz games, jigsaws, strategy games, outdoor games, and so much more. There are games for kids, families, and the more experienced board gamer - all at fair and affordable prices. At Board Gamer, you can find games in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and English.

The story of how Clearhaus ended up as Board Gamer’s acquirer is quite peculiar.

“At a concert, I sat across from a Clearhaus employee. We got to talking about what we did for a living. He must have shared my story with his colleagues because the next day I got an offer that I could not turn down. And I’ve been a customer ever since. It’s funny to think of the opportunities social relations can create, even online”

Despite other acquirers’ attempts at wooing Board Gamer, they remained loyal customers of Clearhaus. When asked why, Mads explains that he is thrilled about the excel-/csv files, that make bookkeeping easier for him. He also appreciates that when he needs help, he can get prompt support from someone who knows what they are talking about.

Board Gamer is happy to have found an acquirer they can count on - that’s not something you take for granted when running an online shop.

“I’m crazy about the product because it’s quite transparent. I don’t really know what I expected, but if we’ve ever experienced a downtime in the payment process, it’s never due to Clearhaus’ services. Downtime is one of the most important things for me - having an online shop where the customers can’t pay is no good.”

At Clearhaus we are very happy to service Board Gamer - especially because we’re huge fans of board games ourselves. We are doing our best to make sure that “hygge” stays in Danish homes - and that the phenomenon makes it way into other countries as well.

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