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Baser | Entrepreneurial Clearhaus Customer

Have you ever had just about enough of your parasol base because it’s just too heavy to move? Josefine Østerby’s father has. But then Josefine and her partner Christian decided to do something about it.

In 2014 they started working on a parasol base made out of lightweight material, held down by two sandbags. The result is a parasol base which is much easier to move around. The bases are produced in Randers, Denmark whereas the bags are sewed in Poland.

Baser managed to sell 1,000 units in 2016 but expects an impressive 500% increase in sales for 2017. The elegant parasol bases are currently sold in Denmark and Germany.

When Baser started their webshop they chose Clearhaus as their acquirer. But what was it exactly that made them choose Clearhaus?

“The process time at Clearhaus is fast and smooth and they have a new way of doing transactions compared to other traditional ones”

And Baser has not regretted their first choice. Today, they are still very happy to be a customer of Clearhaus. Baser highlights the quick set-up time and the smooth and fast customer service as some of Clearhaus’ strengths. After being a customer for a while, Baser discovered more of the benefits Clearhaus has to offer.

“…Clearhaus accepts all currencies and we have never experienced any delay from transfers.”

The hard work of Josefine and Christian was rewarded when Baser earlier this year took home Business Region Aarhus’ Entrepreneurship Award. They won the category “The World Is Yours”, which celebrates companies with great export potential.

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