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Barons | Copenhagen shirt Barons reap the benefits of e-Commerce

Joachim Latocha of the Barons shirt brand had to struggle to grasp the mysteries of e-commerce. But after switching to Clearhaus, Barons has gained momentum.

The idea for Barons came about when the company’s founder, Joachim Latocha, worked at Deloitte where a great shirt is required. Every day. Like so many others, Joachim Latocha didn’t feel like spending time figuring out what shirt to wear. But he still wanted something of good quality.

“That’s where I set out to simplify the shirt experience that a lot of men can relate to,” says Joachim Latocha from the head quarters in the center of Copenhagen.

But it turned out to be more difficult than expected to produce a shirt. In fact, it took Barons over two years to develop the first product. Joachim Latocha’s background as a legal expert at Deloitte gave him very few advantages in the world of e-Commerce. So he had to find his way in a whole new world. And he has done that successfully.

Today, Barons is extremely successful in the Danish market. Not least because they switched their payment solution to Clearhaus through Quickpay’s gateway. This makes it easy for customers to pay with their mobile phones and has resulted in increased sales.

“E-commerce is about constantly fine-tuning a lot of tiny cogs. If there is one gear that does not work, it’s important to replace it. For us, it was important to make sure that it is easy to lie at home on the sofa and pay by mobile phone,” says Joachim Latocha.

Barons is expecting to enter into more markets in the future. Soon, they will be present in Sweden, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands and even the UK.

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