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Ask Book Shop | Norway's first online bookshop

Some of us know the feeling of wanting a new book we can read during a Holiday, or the need to find a gift for the friend who already has everything - Ask Antique Store & Book Shop can help you with that!

In Norway, there are multiple online shops that sell books, but only one store was the first to go online.. Ask Antique Store & Book Shop started in 1996 and became Norway’s first online bookshop.

The reason why the owner, Trine Hofvind, chose to start an online bookshop was a combination of her job, as a bookseller, and her husband’s job as an IT-engineer. They wanted to stay in their hometown, Gvarv in Norway, but they needed to reach a larger market. Trine started out with a physical bookshop. She ran this for 15 years before she decided to focus all her attention on her online shop.

“The beauty of physical books - unlike audiobooks and e-books - is that they don’t change and they don’t disappear. You can easily use them, they don’t have a flashing light, they don’t distract you, they fit good into your hand, and they are often nice to look at.”

At Ask, you can find books in every genre - everything from politics to children and picture books. They also have a category called “Alternative Litterature” where you, for example, can find a book on home remedies - we’ve all experienced situations where this book would have come in handy. For Ask, it is important to offer books at the lowest possible price, and their prices are below average for both vintage and new books. Another unique thing about Ask is that they, usually, only have one copy of each book!

Trine has a lot of experience with e-Commerce and online payment solutions. For a long time, Ask only used invoice and prepayments as a payment option, but they experienced that a lot of their customers wanted to pay by card. In some situations, there were also customers who thought that they had already paid their bill - something that led to a lot of time spent on contacting customers regarding missing payments.

Therefore, they wanted to change to a payment system that could make the online shopping experience better for not only the customer but also themselves.

“The benefit of using Clearhaus is that they offer simple and secure payments for our customers. They are professional, secure, and easy.”

Ask Antique Store & Book Shop is glad to have a serious and professional acquirer so that they now can spend their time searching for more one-of-a-kind books for their online selection.

We are excited that Ask Antikvariat & Bokhandel is happy with the service we provide - this is what we work hard to achieve every day.

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