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Anodyne | Health and Style In One

Anodyne’s story is simply amazing, to say the least. It is proof of how hard work, passion, and dedication can lead to the crossing of boundaries which were never imagined before.

The company, founded in 2014 in the spare room of Kenneth and Mia Gaardmand Avnsted, sells corrective clothing and accessories. Their products are meant to help people improve their postures and movement, have a healthier life overall.

In 2014, the business of selling corrective clothing started off as a part-time activity undertaken after the owners’ full-time jobs. However, their hard work and determination paid off in time.

By 2015, Anodyne was honouring hundreds of orders monthly and was eyeing expansion in other countries, starting with Germany. That summer, Anodyne secured an agreement with AlignMed which helped the expansion include 10 more European countries.

In 2016, Kenneth and Mia, in cooperation with Lasertryk, moved their company headquarters from their spare room to an office located in the northern part of Aarhus. Besides a new location, Anodyne made its first two hirings - two employees in Germany.

Towards the end of 2017, Anodyne was employing 15 people, operating in 11 countries, and had already shipped over 60,000 products to customers looking to relieve their pain and have a healthier life.

Anodyne knew that in order to maintain its business, they had to have an acquirer who could be there at their need. So, in 2015 Anodyne chose Clearhaus:

“We were looking for a solution that would be more flexible and cheaper than our previous acquirer. With our previous acquirer, we didn’t really have any kind of customer service, and that is quite important when you process tenths of thousands of transactions per year.”

Since Anodyne took the next step, that of serving foreign customers, it came naturally that the company needed to be able to trade in different currencies:

“It was important that we were able to accept payments in different currencies and that pay-outs could be flexible from country to country. We felt very comfortable with Clearhaus from the start. “

The people within Anodyne, from owners to employees, do not like to waste time, and for them, finding an acquirer who can get things done - fast and simple - proved to be of great importance:

“We were able to make a deal for all 11 of our webshops in one go. Working with just one acquirer is easier for us and Clearhaus has proved to be the right match. Additionally, but no less important, the platform is easy to work with and is so simple that everyone from the warehouse to customer service and management can use it.”

At Clearhaus, our services are all about tech, dedicated customer support, and advantageous pricing. We are thrilled to know that Anodyne recognised and was delighted with our philosophy.

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