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Anima - Stop Animal Abuse | Charity for animals

Anima - Stop Animal Abuse” is an international charity that promotes animal welfare. The organisation is growing and has departments in Norway, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Belarus.

Anima’s goal is to stop animal abuse, and their work is based on rescue operations, information activities, cooperation with the business community, political work and campaigns.

girl reading Anima magazine in the sun

Through the years, Anima has won many valuable battles in protecting animals. One of them was to get a ban on animal testing for cosmetic purposes. In 2003 the European Union approved “The Cosmetics Directive” that says that it is illegal to use animal testing for cosmetic purposes and to market cosmetic products which are tested on animals. This shows that Animas hard work pays off!

two guys trying Animas virtual reality

When Anima Norway started in 2017, it was important to them to have their website quickly “up and running”.

“The most attractive aspect with Clearhaus is that it is so easy and intuitive to establish and to use it. Not to mention that it is inexpensive, they have a good service and they provide good documentation.”

Donations are what supports this organisation, and it is essential that they have a good solution that makes it easy for people to donate money. This is the reason why Anima Norge chose Clearhaus as their acquirer:

“As a new-established organisation in Norway, we needed an acquirer for our website so we could accept donations. There are many people that want to support our work for the animals, and it has to be easy for them to donate money through our website.”

Our goal is to make our service as easy and straightforward as possible so that our customers can spend their time one expanding their organisations.

“It was quick and easy to apply for an account at Clearhaus, and our application got approved in just a couple of days. Everything works without problems, and the system runs by itself, so we don’t have to think or worry about it.”

We appreciate Anima’s kind words, and we wish them all the best with their work!

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