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An online merchant acquirer that brings the latest technology to e-Commerce businesses

About us

Clearhaus is an acquiring company founded in 2011. We specialise in offering payment solutions to webshops across Europe. We are technology-driven and customer-centric.

When we started, our goal was to succeed in and change the world of online payments. Since then, we have grown rapidly. Now we have 50 hard-working employees dedicated to satisfying our customers.

What we do

Clearhaus is aspiring to offer the most convenient way for e-Commerce companies (merchants) to receive online and mobile payments.

We believe we can achieve this by continuing to expand our innate technology-driven culture and structure.

What we do is enable e-Commerce companies to accept payments in their online shops and mobile apps. We handle their transactions and make online payments faster, simpler, and more secure.

Every day we handle transactions for over 33,000 merchants. They range from startups to large corporate businesses.

Our development has led us on the path of:

  • Operating our own infrastructure
  • Developing important features
  • Providing extensive APIs
  • Implementing an insightful dashboard

Licenses and Certificates

Clearhaus is authorised as a Payment Institution with a pan-European license by the Danish FSA and is a Visa and MasterCard Principal member. It is our duty and pleasure to serve and protect your business in every transaction.

Mastercard LogoVisa Logo
  • Danish company no. 33749996 (CVR)
  • Danish FSA no. 22006
  • Mastercard ICA: 15403
  • Visa BID: 10074581
  1. Mar, 2015

    Our first customer in Denmark

    Clearhaus signs the first agreement with a customer in Denmark. This customer is soon joined by many others.
  2. Jun, 2015

    Our first customer outside of Denmark

    Clearhaus gets their first non-Danish customer, a company from the United Kingdom. This marks the entry into the European market. Today, Clearhaus has customers in 33 European countries.
  3. Aug, 2015

    Our 1,000th customer

    During our first 6 months of operations, Clearhaus enjoys a fast growth and already obtains the 1000th customer.
  4. Dec, 2015

    10% market share

    Clearhaus quickly gains a foothold in the acquiring industry. With our 10% market share, we challenge the previous Danish monopoly in less than a year.
  5. 2016

    Nordic Startup Award winners

    Clearhaus’ rapid growth is acknowledged. We win the Nordic Startup Award for Best Exponential Startup hosted in Reykjavik.
  6. May, 2017

    Our 7,500th customer

    Still riding the wave of exponential growth, Clearhaus now has 7,500 customers in the merchant portfolio.
  7. Jun, 2017

    20% market share

    Clearhaus’ influence increases in Denmark and the company’s services are in higher demand than ever. We reach a market share of 20%.
  8. Aug, 2018

    Our first office outside of Denmark

    In an effort to expand efforts abroad, Clearhaus opens an office in London, UK. This is our first office outside of Denmark.
  9. Sep, 2018

    Our 10,000th customer

    Clearhaus reaches a new milestone when we onboard our customer number 10,000
  10. Jan, 2019

    Employee number 50

    We are now 50 members of the Clearhaus family - all dedicated to offer innovative and amazing services.
  11. Dec, 2019

    Merchant number 15.000

    Celebrating the month of Christmas by welcoming our merchant number 15.000
  12. Jan, 2020

    Launch of

    Celebrating the launch fo the product, which is a SaaS-product which is to be considered a corporate spin-off company.
  13. Aug, 2020

    Merchant number 20.000

    Welcoming merchant number 20.000 was a huge milestone, less than two years after reaching merchant number 10.000
  14. Nov, 2020

    First POS transaction

    Clearhaus processed its first POS transaction.
  15. Jan, 2021

    Clearhaus was sold to Unzer and KKR

    Clearhaus was sold to Unzer and KKR. The transaction awaits regulatory approval.
  16. Jun, 2021

    Merchant number 25.000

    25.000 merchants has now used Clearhaus for their online payments.
  17. Nov, 2021

    Merchant number 30.000

    30.000 merchants has now used Clearhaus for their online payments.
  18. Dec, 2021

    Employee number 100

    We are now 100 members of the Clearhaus family - all dedicated to offer innovative and amazing services.

Awarded for our exponential growth

Due to our rapid growth since our launch, Clearhaus was awarded Best Exponential Startup by the Nordic Startup Awards in 2016.

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