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Our role is to collect, hold, and pay out the money for the payments you receive. We are a financial institution dedicated to online businesses.

Four Party Scheme - Clearhaus, acquirer, gateway & webshop

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Inside Deutschland

Locally issued cards

Min. 0.2 € per transaction

Outside Deutschland

Foreign issued cards

Min. 0.4 € per transaction

The fees are not subject to VAT.
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Customer Support

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Have a Gateway?

The gateway facilitates the payment window on your webshop and passes the cardholders card number etc. to us in a safe way. You need both a gateway and an acquirer.

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We collaborate with several leading payment gateways and strategic partners. Visit the partners page for more.

We are a Visa & Mastercard

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Clearhaus is authorised as a pan-European Payment Institution by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

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