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Accept payments in your online store

Grow your business online with our simple and secure merchant acquiring services.


Get up and running in just 1-3 days


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Trusted by 33,000+ European webshops

As an acquirer and financial institution, our role is to collect, hold, and pay you the money you receive from customers around the world.

33,000+ online stores across 33 European countries trust our safe and modern technology to process their online payments.


Apply today and get a merchant account within 1-3 days

You can start your application now and complete it later.

You can even invite a co-worker to join in.

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Acquiring Features

Clearhaus aims at being the best acquirer in the business. We believe this goal can be achieved by continuously developing new features and offering outstanding service.

  • Accept all the Visa & Mastercard accepted currencies.

    Accept all currencies

    We enable your business to accept transactions in all currencies that are supported by Visa and Mastercard.

  • 3-D Secure - safe payments

    Conditional 3-D Secure

    Disable 3-D Secure for specific transactions using selection criteria.

  • Dynamic Descriptor

    Dynamic descriptors

    We support the use of dynamic descriptors so that the text on the cardholder’s account statements can be set dynamically.

  • Recurring Transactions

    Recurring transactions

    We support subscription-based payments, so you can easily collect recurring payments from your customers.

  • Flexible Settlement Currencies

    Flexible settlement currencies

    Settlements are available in the following currencies: DKK, EUR, GBP, NOK, SEK, USD, CZK, HUF, PLN, RON, and CHF.

  • Flexible Funding Cycles

    Flexible funding cycles

    We offer support for daily, weekly, and monthly funding cycles.


We offer simple and transparent pricing so you can focus on running your business.

Inside Germany

Locally issued consumer cards

Min. 0.2 € per transaction

Outside Germany

Business cards and foreign issued cards

Min. 0.4 € per transaction

From 2.75%
The fees are not subject to VAT.

Tech features

Technology is part of our identity. We always try to move forward and create up-to-date features.

  • Automated Chargeback Management

    Automated chargeback management

    The handling of chargebacks can be automated by using our API. Let your e-Commerce system/ERP pick up and answer the chargebacks automatically.

  • Apple Pay

    Apple Pay

    Let customers pay without having to enter card information, address and telephone number repeatedly.

  • MobilePay

    MobilePay Online

    Accept transactions from MobilePay - one of the most popular payment methods in Denmark.

    Note: Support from the gateway is mandatory.

Help - Customer support

Customer support

Monday - Thursday: 9 - 17,
Friday: 9 - 16

You are important to us. We are here to help you out.

Do you have a payment gateway?

The gateway facilitates the payment window in your online shop and passes the cardholders card number etc. to us in a safe way. You need both a gateway and an acquirer to accept online payments.

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overview of the different tasks payment gateways perform

Report on payment service and money laundering inspection in Clearhaus A/S.

Read the report here
We are a Visa & Mastercard

Principal member

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Clearhaus is authorised as a pan-European Payment Institution by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

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